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20/05/07AP blogs

School Open!Chinese Students are finally back to School!

In the past few months, China has been under a great impact of COVID19, almost everyone are spending their time by staying at home, which is the best way to ensure everybody is safe during the pandemic time. After 2 months quarantine, the pandemic situation getting better in China and finally, students get to the "Back-to-School Season"!


On May 657,800 senior high school graduates and students from secondary schools in WUHAN returned to school for the first day of classes in a "special period". So far, 31 provinces elementary and secondary school sections have opened, 18 provinces colleges and universities have opened. Schools and colleges around the country are continuing to embrace the "back-to-school season" in their efforts to prevent and control regular outbreaks.

Every student who returned to school was given a health kit, which included hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes and respirators. Dong Ya, principal of Jinan middle school, said, "we have been preparing for the school for more than a month, and we have more than 40,000 masks in reserve."


"Before the start of the school year, all the students who returned to Beijing from other places had taken measures such as home isolation observation and daily temperature monitoring.After April 6, teachers and students from other places returned to Beijing, but also all nucleic acid screening, the results are negative, can be enrolled in school work.China agricultural university affiliated high school party secretary, school president wang jun said.