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16/03/25AP blogs

Taking the Jump

I know that this journey is a big choice and decision for you to make. Let's start with the scary then go on to the amazing. You will be halfway around the world, that means from your family, your friends and the world that you know. Some of you may also be putting off school or another opportunity for this one. All of that sounds pretty bad and scary for most people, heres why it's not as bad as it sounds and in many ways way better than you expect.

Heres why it's amazing, breathtaking and totally unique. YOU ARE HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD! How many of your friends and family have had to the chance to go to China? It's a nonstop adventure as long as you make the most of it. If you just lie around and do nothing, it's going to be really boring but if you go out and explore imagine all of the history that you will see? China has some of the oldest and most unique history in the world! You get to learn Mandarin which is spoken by almost 1.3 BILLION people and I guarantee nobody back home will be able to speak it so thats novelty factor. You can still communicate to your friends and family back home so it's not like you are dropping off the face of the Earth or anything. If you are putting off school it will still be there when you get back plus if you didn't get into the college/ university that you wanted then this just might be the thing that pushes you into the accepted list. It also provides a fair example of independence that you won't necessary have at home and can give you a leg up in that job hunt. And if you are worried about the whole teaching English thing, don't be. It's far easier than you think and is just a matter of getting into the flow of it. From personal experience, the benefits far outweigh the risks!

It's scary, it's a risk but it is so worth it.


About our contributive blog writter:


Micha Duwell is originally from America and has been a LoPair Au Pair  in China since February 2015, he was placed with a family in Hangzhou with one lovely  boy. Micha is  pretty easy-going and open-minded .He is fond of Hangzhou and regard it as his second hometown because the weather,the atmosphere,the lifestyle here is much similar to his city.