Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      


Local Coordinators represent LoPair’s name and programs in different Chinese cities or areas. Local Coordinator liaises with interested family applicants, provide Chinese Au Pair applicants, give in-person interviews, and basic orientation. They also mediate between Host Family and Foreign Au Pair in the event of a miscommunication.Local Coordinators also take an active part in the Au Pair/Host Family Club activities.

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LoPair works with dozens of experienced Au Pair agencies within the network of IAPA (International Au Pair Association) in various countries and regions. We are experienced in both sending and receiving Au Pairs, and strive to maintain the best service for our customers from home and abroad. As a LoPair Sending International Partner of the Au Pair China cultural exchange program, you can expect that LoPair will fully support you in setting up a China-bound program for your participants.

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An Overseas Representative is an individual who represent LoPair’s name and programs overseas; Usually they are previous program participants of LoPair programs. In countries or regions where a LoPair International Partner is yet not represented, Overseas Representative work close with LoPair HQ to promote LoPair Au Pair China programs and recruit participants directly. Should you become highly motivated with LoPair’s work ethics and values and have the basis “know-how” to operate marketing and recruitment events, we will be happy to discuss the possibility of hiring you as our OR in the country or region where you are based.

We are looking for passionate souls who share the value of au pairing and know about Chinese culture and society, are active with social media, comfortable with social networking and well connected in their area/region/country. Ex-Au Pair, and/or having lived in China is a plus!

  • We shall provide you with all the necessary information and training to help you familiarize with the program.

  • We shall equip you with manuals and interviewer Training to guide you throughout the work process and conduct online training upon request.

  • Promotional Materials and Pre-Departure Guides for Au Pairs will also be provided on a tailor-made bases.

  • We will assist your participants in every stage of the program and provide solid back-up after their arrival

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