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Each quarter, LoPair gives praises to our international Au Pairs who have undertaken an outstanding performance with their Host Families and LoPair's educational courses, activities by issuing a Quarterly Bonus. In addition, LoPair bestows the title of "Au Pair of the Quarter" upon one outstanding au pair each quarter to recognize the best of the best.

  • Clara Stäbler,Germany

    Au Pair of The 2nd Quarter 2017

    When I arrived in China two months ago, I never imagined my Au Pair experience to become such a great success. I could not have found a better family than the Yangs! My host family and I are the perfect match. Time flew and I wish I could stay longer.

    My host brothers and I get along very well. They welcomed me as a new family member from the first day. They call me their big sister, and we have already spent so many great moments together. They are just adorable when they ask me time and again how I am and would offer me something to eat. While we are on that subject: I love the food here! The Nanny cooks deliciously, and the family gave me the opportunity to experience Chinese cuisine as they took me out to several restaurants.


    During the week I tutor Daniel and Berlin in English and German and take them to their extracurricular classes on the weekend. We also like to play board games, read, go to the park where we play soccer, badminton, take a boat on the lake or we just run around together and play.

    I feel great respect for the parents as they work very hard, and I admire their work ethic. My host mum is a very kind and considerate person, and, though absorbed in her time-consuming work, she takes notice when she finds I look somewhat tired and would tell me to take a break. One time I fell ill, then the parents bought me medication. I am very grateful for everything the family has done for me and can say that I really took them into my heart. 

    As my Chinese is still very basic (I am working on it), my host mum and I have our exchanges thanks to translating apps. I think our good communication is the key for our great relationship and for that it is not necessary to speak the same language!


    So far, my stay with the Yang family has proved to be a true cultural exchange. On several occasions, my host mum gave me her precious time to talk in depth about Chinese and German history and I feel I learned a great deal about this country in these enriching conversations. The other day, as we were video chatting, my younger sister also came to talk to the family, and I really loved to introduce one of my German family members to my Chinese family here.

    I am enjoying my life in China, every day brings forth a new experience, and I have found lasting friendships among the other au pairs. Beijing in particular is an exciting and pulsating city. Entertainment is guaranteed.

    I feel honored to be nominated by my host family. One thing is certain for me: I will continue to study and improve my Chinese and will definitely come back to China in the near future.

    Thank you for everything! You have made my stay in China with you an unforgettable experience I will always cherish!

    Clara Stäbler,Germany
  • Selina Kötter , Germany

    Au Pair of The 1st Quarter 2017

    Hello, my name is Selina I am 20 years old and am currently working as an au pair in China. Working as an au pair in China differentiates itself from working as an au pair in other countries. Here I am more of an English teacher and older sister for my three little host sisters. I really enjoy this concept, for I worked as an au pair in London before and had a very different experience. In my former host family, I had five host siblings and sometimes I felt more like a gofer than an au pair. There I had to cook lunch and dinner, I had to do the laundry and was responsible for the weekly cleaning. Of course, on top of caring for the children, which included homework and practicing piano, flute, violin and cello and playing/entertaining them. I had a great time in London, but it was hard work most of the time. 

    Here in China I am only there for the children. I help the oldest one with her homework and assist her while she practices piano. Every day I prepare a short English tutoring lesson for her. Usually that includes some writing and reading and once or twice a week a little game. The second one is not in school yet so there is no homework to do. However, we read loads of books, sing Disney songs and others and draw a lot. Occasionally we practice the ‘abc’ or writing names of friends and family members. The youngest one doesn’t speak any English yet, so we communicate in Chinese. Weekends are a lot of fun, because we have more time to play together besides all the daily tasks. Also, very different to my time in London is my Chinese class. In London, I hadn’t had any class at all. Here I have class twice a week, a great teacher and classmates.


    I enjoy myself greatly here in China. Most of this is because of my host family. I think without a nice, welcoming and caring family it would be very hard to have such a good time. And the happy children are making my time here even more happy and joyful. Before I came to China I hadn’t had any great expectations, I just hoped to get along well with everybody and to improve my Chinese. I didn’t know what would await me, so I tried not to think about it. Then in my first days in China at the welcoming seminar in Hangzhou I felt better and worse at the same time. Better, because I got to know other au pairs with the same hopes and fears as me and because being in China was so exciting as well. Worse, because in these first days we learned a lot about au pair cases where it didn’t go well and the au pairs had to leave and various reasons for that. I was really worried I wouldn’t/couldn’t catch up with the family’s expectations of me. Well somehow, I did. 

    From the first moment on they were very nice and easy to get along with. Of course, I have a big advantage, because my host mother as well as the girls speak English very well. There are no problems in communication, which makes everything easier. This way I could easily ask about my schedule, the house ‘rules’ and how to address everybody. Still I think another reason why we get along so well, is my experience as being an au pair before. I knew before I came here how it is to be another ‘child’ for the host parents, but on the same time an authority and older sister for the host children. At times, it can be a difficult position, but here it is not. I get along very well with my host Mother and can ask her for help and advice if needed. I can learn from and with the children, experience Chinese culture, tradition and language through them.


    I am very thankful to have such a nice and caring host family and I look forward to staying with them for another four months. Hopefully even after I return home we can stay in contact and care for each other. I wish me being here is as blessing and enriching for the family and especially the children as it is for me being with them!



    Selina Kötter , Germany
  • Viktoria Weber, Germany

    Au Pair of The 4th Quarter 2016

    It’s not about the big gestures, but about the small ones that occur every day – that’s how I notice my experience as an Au Pair in China is successful.

    After three months of staying with my kind host family I managed it to win Jason’s heart. It’s amazing how after such a short period of time I became a huge part of his life. When he hands me over some fruit or cares if I already eat enough to be full it nearly feels like I’d be home. I’m not only the one that helps him with his homework, picks him up from school or plays board games with him, I actually am like a new sister he truly cares about. Especially because he was such a shy boy at the beginning, it amazes me how natural and easy going the contact between the both of us is now. The moments we share laughter or inside jokes with each other are the bonding time we enjoy the most. During the week I not only bring him or pick him up from his extracurricular activities, we also love to do some reading after he finished his homework. We enjoy card games, board games or just playing with some boy toys. Every day is different.

    Even though my host mom barely speaks English I couldn’t imagine our relationship could be better. It’s all about body language. Holding up a forearm – don’t forget your umbrella. Pointing at the six on the clock – that’s when we eat dinner. Rubbing your upper arms – it’s cold outside. And honestly we don’t really need a lot of words to understand, chat or laugh with each other. In general my host family always was very welcoming, understandable and straight forward during my stay. Not only do they always care about my food, but also about my general state of well-being. Even if as a vegan I thought I might have some problems abroad, my host family always has a vegetable option on hand. Furthermore they always notice if I’m a little bit tired and offer me to take a break. It’s just great that I’m also a family member in their eyes. It’s not even to question that they take me out for dinner or lunch regularly, but also to family trips.

    Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a thing that could improve my experience in China. Thank you for involving me into your life and letting me gain these experiences. It’s you that make my Au Pair experience truly successful.

    Viktoria Weber, Germany

    Host Family Comments

    Vicky is a lively and upbeat young lady, she has brought a lot of happiness to our family. Vicky is vegan, and we were a little bit worried that she wouldn’t enjoy the food here. But later on we found that she adapts well to Chinese culture and food, she adopts our daily routine of life here while keeping up with her healthy lifestyle. Vicky is also serious about tutoring our child, she is well organized and smart, so we really trust her with Jason, and worried much less since she came. She is always friendly and easygoing, which makes everyone in our family like her. We enjoy spending time with her both outside and at home. She is a great help to our family, and a very nice big sister to Jason.
  • Valentina Tobon Blanco,Colombia

    Au Pair of The 3rd Quarter 2016

    It has been a little over 4 months since I've landed in China. The experiences that I have gained thus far have been amazing. Some of those being with my host family.

    The first day meeting my new host family was nerve wrecking especially since I couldn't speak a single word of Chinese except for hello and thank you. After being welcomed into their home I slowly developed a routine and fitted right in. 

    Our days usually involving taking and picking up my 4 year old host kid to school. We play pretend Spider-Man, good guy/ bad guy, anything that makes him laugh, and no matter what he always wins. Sometimes we spend a couple hours just reading story books and making crafts and drawing where we use our creativity and imagination. Along the way I am always asking questions to help increase his English conversational skills and pronounciation. We have our karaoke moments singing Let It Go and many other songs. Together we have a lot of fun times making each other laugh.

    The most important things is to always stay patient and as positive as possible. Finding a child who which you have the most common interests with is important.And conversation is most essential when trying to build a good relationship with a host family and children. Asking the host parents if they like your way of teaching or if anything needs to be changed is key as well. And lastly, just enjoy your time with the children to make great memories.

    Valentina Tobon Blanco,Colombia

    Host Family Comments

    Everyday, the first thing Junjun wakes up to do is asking "can I play with my sister today?" If it is V's off day, and cannot pick up Junjun from kindergarten, the first thing he does when he comes home is asking "where is my sister?" And once he learns his sister is not home today, he feels very sad! V and Junjun get along very well in their daily lives, Junjun loves asking V to read him English books, he picks up several books each time, pays great attention, and sometimes talks about the stories with V. His English proficiency improved a lot during this time, now he has a much bigger vocabulary, and is able to speak long sentences in English! They also play Lego or paint during breaks from study, and then learn to write English letters, play the piano, sing English songs, do handicrafts and do these things in a row. Everyday is well organized with full of fun. Junjun got to love handicrafts by V's influence, everyday he wants to use tools like scissors and tapes, and he makes what we consider garbage into scrapbooks, maps, castles and so on, he loves doing art! His creativity, imagination and ability to use his hands increased a lot! This is the difference between foreign education and domestic education, it sparks children's potential and creativity. I really admire it!

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