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Each quarter, LoPair gives praises to our international Au Pairs who have undertaken an outstanding performance with their Host Families and LoPair's educational courses, activities by issuing a Quarterly Bonus. In addition, LoPair bestows the title of "Au Pair of the Quarter" upon one outstanding au pair each quarter to recognize the best of the best.

  • Marcos Mercado,America

    Au Pair of The 2nd Quarter 2015

    “When it came to making the choice with a family, I choose right. My host family is lovely and they inspire me through their commitment to being good parents to do so many great things. Their child Kyle keeps me on my toes with his humor, personality, and sometimes foolishness. He is a curious, witty, and sometimes stubborn child that loves to play. I spend most of my days with him playing, building, drawing or role playing. My experience in China has been filled with beauty, adventures, culture, and great new friends. My advice for choosing the right family is just imagine yourself with the family and see if it's right for you, and even though it's hard, communication is key. ”

    Marcos Mercado,America

    Host Family Comments

    “Marcos plays all kinds of board games with our son, and do role playing games, painting, writing, playing piano together. Sometimes we went to gym, theaters and watch movies together like a real family. Even though my son is already good at English, but within Marcos’s tutoring he is becoming even better and can use difficult phrases. What surprises us is that our son can really get along with Marcos at the first day he came. Our son would throw tantrums occasionally but Marcos teaches him how to control the feeling and take more responsibilities. Moreover, he has massive of interests and skills which bring us a lot of fun. For example, he can mix a normal music as a special electronic music. He would also teach our son how to wrestle, which is refreshing and funny to him. Overall, we are grateful for the new life style that he brings into our family.”

  • Sabrina Wetterkamp,Germany

    Au Pair of The 1st Quarter 2015

    “I think the sentence that helped me the most to life in a Chinese family is ‘just flow with it’. Don´t over think things. Be prepared to be spontaneous and to meet a lot of different people who will not understand you and you will not understand them either. But it doesn’t matter. Appreciate the difficult communication; it can be a lot of fun! And most important! Be patient and Relax. It can’t be always sunny and smiley. Sometimes you have a bad day or your host parents or your host siblings. It´s normal. And it is normal if some days you don’t really have something to talk about. Don’t stress yourself about this. It happens. You can’t talk all the time. If you think about your own family, sometimes you have quiet dinners too. And the next day everything is all right again. If you worry too much you just see things that are not there, or if something really bothers you just ask if everything is all right. Only talking people can be helped.”

    Sabrina Wetterkamp,Germany

    Host Family Comments

    “Sabrina is a generous, mannered and optimistic girl, we get along all the time. She can really play with my girl Xinxin,and we had great time during the Spring festival when my family members got together.I can see Sabrina did lot of effort to make the study fun and built her confidence to speak English. I truly believe that She is an unique treasure for my family and she will have a great future life!”

  • Frances Bussy,British

    “I love being placed with my family, as they’re all amazing. On weekdays we play and do homework after school, and weekends we go to extracurricular lessons, and play some more. I love spending time with them as they’re all really interesting, and teach me lots, answering my constant questions about China! I go to classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, then have lunch with the other au pairs, before cycling home. When the children are at school, I go and explore Beijing with the other au pairs, think of new games to play with them, and sometimes just relax at home. I think to have a successful placement you have to be flexible and open minded. Talk to your host family, a lot, tell them when you notice any cultural differences, even tiny ones, so each party becomes more aware of the others viewpoint. It’s really interesting to discuss the differences as well, to learn about how Chinese culture developed, and to have to think about how your culture came into being. Also, play lots of games with the children. Try to narrate whatever they’re doing, and to incorporate English into whatever they enjoy normally. They’ll learn so much more when they’re not thinking about learning. Finally, I think it’s important to remember that the language barrier can nearly always be overcome with a smile, and good intentions.” 
    Frances Bussy,British

    Host Family Comments

    “Frances is always willing to listen to all kinds of weird thoughts and funny stories of my younger daughter’s. She would correct their pronunciation and grammar during their talk, and also teach them some mathematic knowledge during their tutoring time. Yes, Frances has a very good command of science and computer. It really surprised me when I saw her fix her own laptop.”
  • Rebecca Doyle,Australia

    “They are both fantastic to be around and are an endless source of fun and entertainment. Amy’s imagination is brilliant – at the moment she thinks that a character in her English textbook and her toy possum (a native Australian animal that I gave her) have formed an evil alliance and that they can both speak Mandarin! Fanny is quite creative and determined to be the world’s next great dessert maker, so at the moment I’m teaching her dessert vocabulary. She also loves Sherlock Holmes, so we’re also working on a detective story set in Chinatown, Sydney! I will be forever grateful that I was placed with the Wang Family. They have shown me endless generosity, from putting up with my terrible Chinglish, to taking me on holiday to beautiful places around Southern China and feeding me like royalty! They have plans to come to Australia next year, so hopefully I will be able to extend them the same kindness that they have shown me.”

    Rebecca Doyle,Australia

    Host Family Comments

    Australia"Rebecca is an outgoing, cultural and respectful girl. She is easy going and likes Chinese culture a lot and can easily accept the difference between east and west. She quickly picked up the Chinese way of lifestyle and eating habit and can really get along well with both old and young. "

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