Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      

Each quarter, LoPair gives praises to our international Au Pairs who have undertaken an outstanding performance with their Host Families and LoPair's educational courses, activities by issuing a Quarterly Bonus. In addition, LoPair bestows the title of "Au Pair of the Quarter" upon one outstanding au pair each quarter to recognize the best of the best.

  • Joshua Pibworth,British

    “I loved to find new ways to tell adventure stories to Sze Chit and the family who would listen intently with often Sze Chit wanting to hear more. There were many memorable times in the learning of English and the general bustle of living with such an accepting host parents and family. Being able to tell the family about different customs from England while exploring theirs, was an unforgettable experience.”
    Joshua Pibworth,British

    Host Family Comments

    “It is such an enjoyment to listen to Josh to read. After dinner, Josh would read us some English poem or essay. The whole family sat there quietly and listened, and sometimes Sze Chit would read together beside him. The moment is just too beautiful.” The family also had a high praise on Josh’s ability on making up stories.” I always heard him telling all kinds of stories to Sze Chit, from Robin Hood to King Arthur, from outer space to the Age of Dinosaurs. He stayed with us for three months, while there is still not an end for his stories. ”
  • Hope Marshall,America

    “I personally think that any placement can be a successful one as long as both the au pair and the host family are willing to be open minded, optimistic, and have the ability to communicate well with one another.”
    Hope Marshall,America

    Host Family Comments

    “Hope is kids’ friend, teacher and role model. We give her a Chinese name ‘Wu Shuang’, which means she is incomparable.”
  • Carmen Kompatscher,Italy

    “As she(the host kid) didn’t learn English before, the first days were not so easy, she had to get used to a foreigner who lives in her home and doesn’t speak her mother language, but soon we started to communicate in our own way, some words in English, some in Chinese, alongside lots of gestures and interpretion each other’s facial expressions. Soon I found out that a big smile on my face is the best method to encourage her to communicate with me” 
    Carmen Kompatscher,Italy

    Host Family Comments

    “I think it's fate that Carmen finally became a member of my family, as I never thought that an Italian girl would bring so much joy to me and my daughter. She cares for each member of the family and we can all feel her love spreading everywhere in the house together with her smile. My whole family has the same comments about this lovely Italian girl: not only is she a kind hearted polite girl who cares for our family, but also an independent and smart lady.”
  • Daniel Harrold,Scotland

    "The family I stay with are fantastic, the young boy Benjamin I look after is great and his English is really good. I was welcomed with open arms upon arriving and felt part of the family almost straight away. I’ve been out sightseeing with them and stuffing our faces at various restaurants’. It’s great!"

    Daniel Harrold,Scotland

    Host Family Comments

    " We can clearly see that Daniel has done a lot of preparation before joining this program. He has introduced the culture and traditions of his native Scotland to us, and we are all very interested in learning more! The reasoon we invited Daniel wa sto help our son Benjamin practice his English, and he does an excellent job at that. In addition, Daniel has been picking up Chinese very fast, which makes us believe he is a language talent!" 

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