Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      

Each quarter, LoPair gives praises to our international Au Pairs who have undertaken an outstanding performance with their Host Families and LoPair's educational courses, activities by issuing a Quarterly Bonus. In addition, LoPair bestows the title of "Au Pair of the Quarter" upon one outstanding au pair each quarter to recognize the best of the best.

  • Hannah Taylor,British

    “The Au Pair experience in China made me learn a lot. Staying with kids was one of the best and most exciting experiences of my life, while it also being demanding and requiring me a lot of creativity, patience and willingness to adapt.I also take some of my free time off to travel and see some of the coolest destinations that China has to offer, such as the Great Wall and the city of Shanghai.”

    Hannah Taylor,British

    Host Family Comments

    "Hannah is our first Au Pair and we couldn't be happier. Not only does she help the children with their English language practice, but she is very aware of the age difference between my two kids and is able to come up with different activities and games suitable for each. We get along with Hannah very well!"
  • Martina Arnoldi

    “I am so honored to be able to participate in such a meaningful cultural exchange program that is teaching me so much not only about the language, but also about the tradition and way of life of Chinese people. When I am not tutoring the kids in English or going out with them for walks and bike rides, I would like to spend time with my Host Parents practicing my Chinese, or traveling around the region.”    

    Martina Arnoldi

    Host Family Comments

    “Since Martina had come,my childern did not only improve their English, but also started jogging training. She was such a good example in terms of learning and doing sports”

  • Leonie Mueller,Germany

    "I feel so lucky to live with my host family, Their daughter feels lots interested in learning and speaking English. I always joins the family on their trips and outings, even though life in China can be sometimes a little puzzling, she is mostly grateful for the memories she is making during her Au Pair program.”

    Leonie Mueller,Germany

    Host Family Comments

    “The interesting part is that I always talk to her in Chinese and she replies me in English and there is no problem for us to understand each other. The time we spend with her would exist in my memory forever.”

  • Claire Price,Britain

    "I am very happy to be able to match up to now this reciprocity family, they are not only very easy to get along and has been trying to make me happy. They also encouraged me to communicate with them in Mandarin, and to ask me questions about Britain. It is precisely because of the joint efforts of both of us can make us in a very short period of time to fully understand each other."

    Claire Price,Britain

    Host Family Comments

    In the time that we live together, she brings us endless joy to our family! Usually after dinner, she will have 1.5 hours of English training with my children, Jim. Every day she comes up with an interesting topic to encourage Jim to talk. Once again her friends gave her a generous offer of teachers in China, and she refused without hesitation. She said: "I love my family, I will not leave them at this time." It makes me very moved.

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