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The Special "Gao Kao" under COVID19

What is "Gao Kao"? Gao Kao is National Unified Examination for Admissions to the General Universities and Colleges, referred to as "the university entrance exam, is mainland of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong special administrative region of the Macao special administrative region and Taiwan province) qualified high school graduates or those with equivalent educational level shall participate in the recruitment exam examinee. The ordinary institutions of higher learning according to the scores, according to the established enrollment plan, Ethic, Wisdom, body comprehensive measure, merit unified scheduling by the Ministry of Education of the university entrance exam, the Ministry of Education test center or the independent proposition of provincial education life testing system test test dates for each year on June 7, 8, parts (June 9), various provinces and cities exam course name with the same name as the national exam subjects must be consistent with the national exam time. This is a very important exam for high school students, because it will decided which university they could enroll and somehow this exam will totally change their life for good. Such an important exam, it becomes a very special events under COVID19. For the first time in history, all the students came to the exam wearing masks. For the first time in history, there were special exam arrangements on a large scale, because many students were quarantined, students with COVID19 were kept in hospital for observation, and some students pass away because of the illness and were never able to take the exam. Gao Kao in 2020 become a very special one.