Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      



Why program fee

Here at LoPair we strive to create once in a lifetime trips for Au Pairs. Through our experience and passion in cultural exchange, we match them with high quality Host families and support them every step of the way.


1.Why do I have to pay a program fee?

Whilst your Host families pay for the majority of the fees occurred during your China stay including food and board, flights, insurance and orientation camp etc., LoPair also provides additional services to ensure that this is a quality exchange program, which only accepts quality applicants.  Therefore there is a program fee of $300 (for 2016 departures), which is fully refundable should no suitable Host family be found for you. In return for this program fee you receive the following benefits:


2.Local Representative

Before you embark on your LoPair journey we ensure that you speak with an experienced representative of LoPair in your region. They will guarantee that all your inquiries and concerns are  responded to in a timely manner. Furthermore you will be interviewed in English for at least 45 minutes to allow you plenty of opportunity to understand what to expect from your trip, and ask any questions you may have. For non-native English speakers, this time will allow us to ascertain that your English level is appropriate for this program.


3.Safety guarantee

Your safety is our highest priority. Therefore we make sure the families that you interview with are pre-screened beforehand, via home visits and open communication with the LoPair team. Additionally we provide you with an 24/7 emergency hotline, as well as ensuring you have regular face to face contact with your local co-ordinator. We are there to guarantee your safety in China.


4.Open decision Match

Here at LoPair we are usually able to provide Au Pairs with multiple Host families to interview with. These interviews are conducted one at a time, and the Au Pair has time to decide on the most suitable family for them before making a final decision. We strive to always ensure that our Au Pairs find the best family match possible for them during matching, and re-matching processes.


5.Educational advice

In addition to the in classroom mandarin classes, and monthly cultural courses, that your Host family pay for, we also assign a full-time Education Advisor based at our head office in Hangzhou. The role of our Education Advisor is to follow up on your learning, and supplement it with essential tips, skills and resources. As well as being on hand to assist you if you have any problems concerning the educational components of our program. This is to assure that you have a rich learning experience in China, which can even be continued post-program.


6.Financial support

In the event of a rematch we will cover the Au Pairs expenses up to the end of the agreed two-week grace period. We will also take care of Au Pairs in case of any situations of grievance, e.g. theft of a wallet, and will always assist with any insurance claims if you require help.


*Failure to complete the program may incur additional costs towards your return flights.