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Three Amazing Places You Have to Visit in China !


Three Amazing Places You Have to Visit in China!

As an expat who has never been to China before, maybe you keep hearing your friends bragging“I could never forget the amazing experience when I was visiting the Great Wall in China last summer…”Feeling frustrated? Don’t worry, this article is to recommend three top places that you'll never regret going in China. Therefore, when you eventually come here, you will know where your dream places are and you get stories to tell as well!

1. The Great Wall —— Beijing

There is an old Chinese saying: one who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a real hero. That implies how important the Great Wall is to Chinese people. The Great Wall is one of the most popular places for expats. It stretches across half of China's territory and is famous for its incredible length and steepness. Nowadays, the Great Wall is not only the irreplaceable Chinese cultural heritage, but also one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

The scenery on the tower is magnificent with huge mountains undulating and overlapping. Here you can not only see the natural beauty of China, but also feel the creation and intelligence of the Chinese working people.

You can always meet many friendly expat tourists on the Great Wall. They like to take pictures on the Great Wall wearing traditional Chinese clothes. It’s always a lot of fun to see them pose in a naughty posture, or practice Chinese Tai Chi, or imitate Chinese traditional wedding customs.

Even the supper star Tom Hiddleston came to visit here. What are you waiting for?

2. West Lake —— Hangzhou

Hangzhou, where our Lopair headquarters is located, is an ancient water town in the south of the Yangtze River. It has the prettiest legend tells the story of a white snake became a beautiful lady and fell in love with a gentleman in order to repay his life-saving favor. The place that they met each other was exactly on the beautiful West Lake where you have to come for a visit if you go to Hangzhou.

With no doubt, it attracts countless expat tourists to come here and take beautiful pictures of this romantic place. Any random spots can be an incredible Chinese ink painting.

With the tourists’ cameras, lots of impressive pictures of West Lake are created.

3. The Bund —— Shanghai

Charming Shanghai with it’s marvelous night view, is where the third place is located that we recommend for you — Shanghai Bund.

In Chinese history, Shanghai used to be an well-developed economic city that opened to the world. Because of that, many expats came here to live and do business. That’s the reason why you will get to see many beautiful Western architectures in this city.

A combination of Chinese and western cultures has created the unique Shanghai-style cultural landscape.

About Lopair:

Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou are exactly the three main cities where most our host families are based in. When you come to China through Lopair China Program, you get the chance to do one day city tour in Hangzhou and visit West Lake during your orientation day. If you take the train, Shanghai is only one hour away from Hangzhou. Beijing is not far either, your local coordinator will show you around all the fantastic places and you have au pairs peers to keep you companion.

Don’t hesitate to apply now — first come, first served! Come to China for an unforgettable summer!