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20/06/11AP blogs

Au Pair in China experience Chinese Ancient Costume!

Our Au Pair in China has chance to experience the Chinese Ancient Costume in our culture class event!

Hanfu, full name is "the han nationality traditional clothing, clothes, also known as han han, well-dressed, acceded to the throne from the yellow emperor to the middle of the 17th century (Ming dynasty), in the main residential areas, the han nationality" -- han Chinese culture as the background and the dominant idea, to the Chinese etiquette culture as the center. 

Through the natural evolution and formation of the unique han style and personality, significantly different from other national system of traditional clothing and accessories, is China's "clothes", "formal state", "splendid China", seres, dyed silk embroideries of han nationality and other outstanding technology and aesthetics,It has inherited more than 30 pieces of China's intangible cultural heritage and protected Chinese arts and crafts.


The overall style of han costume for thousands of years is light and plain, emphasizing the unity of man and nature.This style can be best reflected in the ancient robes of the Han Nationality, whose main feature is the broad robe.Big sleeves, long clothing belt.From the silk paintings of The Han Dynasty and some figure paintings left over from the Wei, Jin, Sui and Tang Dynasties, we can get a glimpse of its divine features -- the simple Han coat with a fresh vitality attached to the figures with different body shapes, with soft and smooth lines.The robe fully embodies the han nationality's gentle and comfortable, elegant and aloof, poised national character, as well as plain and natural, implicit and euphemistic, elegant and fresh aesthetic taste.


Hanfu shave hair clothing itself although the qing dynasty rule policy under disappeared, but because has strong vitality, and some of its elements have not been extinct, until modern han Chinese beliefs of Taoism, Buddhism and some remote mountain men, there are many minority nationalities are still maintained the characteristics of the hanfu, some important sacrifice and commemorative activities of modern society, the folk festivals, such as some of the elements can still see the hanfu.

In the early 21st century, with the development of China's national strength, people began to examine the excellent parts of their traditional culture. Some people, by studying and removing the essence of The Hanfu, recover the traditional costumes of the Han nationality, and at the same time, promote the restoration of the traditional Hanfu by restoring the traditional festivals, restoring the traditional etiquette, offering sacrifices to the sages, promoting the traditional doctrines, and publicizing the traditional Musical Instruments, and call it the Hanfu movement.


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