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20/08/28AP blogs

7 Years ago, I'm an au pair in China!

My name is Carmen Kompatscher from Italy. 7 years ago, I'm an au pair in China. I was join the au pair China program in 2013 and time flies, it has been 7 years. 


In 2013, I was19 and I joined the Au Pair program of Lopair because of I love Han culture and Chinese culture. I was very young at that time but I was very enthusiastic, and especially liked outdoor sports and dancing. Most of people have first impression on me is that I'm appropriate, flexible, enthusiastic, patient, has strong communication skills and lively personality. I also good at communicating with people and is a trustworthy and excellent person.

I was matched with a host family in Shanghai for 6 months. 7 years has passed, now I has my own career. After the LoPair program, I did my Bachelor degree in Chinese Economy and Culture at the University of Hamburg, Germany and now, I am about to graduate in my Master's in International Management Asia at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance, Germany.


I have been working for two different Chinese companies and I really like the spirit of innovation and engagement in Chinese companies. Even though, my Chinese is not great, I love having some chat in Chinese with my colleagues and they are always very open, because they know, how interested I am in China. I really hope that I will get to travel to China for business soon.

Even all these years has passed, I was in touch with one of my hostmums just yesterday and generally, during Covid-19 the contact and our friendship revived with both of my host families. We care about each other and therefore, checked on each other, if everyone was safe. I really miss them all!

I really hope, that the situation will get better soon and many more LoPairs will get the chance to have this amazing experience!