Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      


A LoPair au pair in China you are always regarded a part of the family and the host will include you in their family activities. As a “family member” you will learn to share responsibilities and contribute to make life in the family easier with less hassle.

Therefore on top of providing care to the host siblings, you are always welcome to provide a helping hand in the times where families need, although generally you are not responsible for housework that does not relate to the children’s or communal living areas. But we encourage that you could help your host parents do some cooking or some easy housework.

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Family ID: 090602

Location: Shanghai

Children: 2 girls

Pets: No

Religious affiliations:No

languageuages Spoken: Both Parent speak Mandarin like native and can speak Fair English


No smoker, prefer female, 18-25 years old, from North America and Europe,  Knows how to cook, kind, having a good heart and good at english.

Dear Au Pair,


Hello! Welcome to our family and accompany my kids and me as a teacher and friend. Welcome to become a member of our family and give us more enjoyment and experience about life.


I am the mother of 2 kids, mainly caring them at home with the grandmother. I like watching TV, surfing the internet and hanging out with friends. My husband works in a chemistry factory and goes for business trips a lot, because the factory is located in another city. My older daughter is Michelle, who is 4 years old and studies in an international school. She is a bit shy at first but more active if you get to know her more. And she is quite sensitive to music and is able to say some basic English words and sentences. My younger daughter is Winni, who is 1 year old. We have hired a nanny who works regularly from 9 am to 7 pm, so we don’t need you to do any housework and what you mainly need to do is to keep company with my kids by playing games or reading stories, mainly for Michelle. We hope you teach my kids English, give her more enjoyment and information from outside. We hope you can teach her to be polite, patient and brave.


Michelle goes to school from 8:30 am to 3 pm on weekdays and she will have piano lessons on Tuesday afternoon, dance lessons on Thursday afternoon and painting lessons on Friday afternoon. We usually go to the park, zoo, supermarket and amusement park and you are warmly welcomed to join us. Winni gets up at 7:30 and plays downstairs after eating some snacks at 10 am. She will eat lunch at 12 am and have a nap at 1 pm. At 3 pm, she gets up again and go downstairs to play until having dinner at 4 pm and I hope you can accompany with her if she is awake.


My home is located on the Yelian road of Qing Pu district of Shanghai. There are bus stops, metro stations and other infrastructure outside our home, so we are convenient in transportation even though we live in the suburb. We will provide you a private room but you need to share a bathroom with us. As for food, you can eat Chinese food with us or you can cook it by yourself in the kitchen and we can shop together to get the supply.

Finally, we sincerely hope that you can join our family and become a member of our family to bring us new enjoyment and experiences.