Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      


A LoPair au pair in China you are always regarded a part of the family and the host will include you in their family activities. As a “family member” you will learn to share responsibilities and contribute to make life in the family easier with less hassle.

Therefore on top of providing care to the host siblings, you are always welcome to provide a helping hand in the times where families need, although generally you are not responsible for housework that does not relate to the children’s or communal living areas. But we encourage that you could help your host parents do some cooking or some easy housework.

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Family ID: 145632

Location: Shanghai

Children: 1 boy

Pets: No

Religious affiliations:Buddhism

languageuages Spoken: Both Parent speak Mandarin like native and host dad can speak Fair English and host mom can speak good english


Accept occasional smoker, 21-25 years old can play sports and is patient, caring, comprehensive and full on passion.

Dear Au Pair,

We lives in the Tangqiao community within Shanghai Pudong district. You can get to the Expo Park, Lujiazui and Babaiban in 15 minutes by car. So it is really convenient for you to enjoy visiting the skyscrapers in Lujiazui, shopping at Baibaiban, seeing a movie or watching concert or art show in Expo Park. Besides, supermarkets and hospital are all at 15 minutes’ walking distance.


There are five members in our family, both grandpa and grandma are retired and staying at home. Daddy works as CIO for an IT company and mommy is an employee in the aircraft industry. Mom is a typical nine-to-five worker, dad would have some work related travel occasionally and he would try his best to finish work in time, then he could get home before 7:00 in the afternoon. So, during 7:00 to 9:00 in the evening, we would stay with our kid, talking about news in the school, checking his homework and reading books together. At the weekends, we do sports together in the morning and pick our kid to attend drum and English class. If there were no classes for our kid, we would like to travel nearby, helping him understand different culture.


Our son Brook is always full of passion, but sometimes he would feel nerves when he meet new friends. After knowing his new friend well, he just can’t wait to share his would with his friend. He loves playing football and lego toys, reading and drum set as well. We would always give him sufficient respects and regard him as our friend we also restrict his performance since we wish him to be a person who is honest and conscientious.


At last, we hope you are a person who is honest, patient, enthusiastic, comprehensive and caring. We also hope you could play and study with Brook and improve his ability of English speaking.



Jason& Fairy