Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      


A LoPair au pair in China you are always regarded a part of the family and the host will include you in their family activities. As a “family member” you will learn to share responsibilities and contribute to make life in the family easier with less hassle.

Therefore on top of providing care to the host siblings, you are always welcome to provide a helping hand in the times where families need, although generally you are not responsible for housework that does not relate to the children’s or communal living areas. But we encourage that you could help your host parents do some cooking or some easy housework.

  • Niu Yijun
  • Niu Yijun

Family ID: 170403

Location: Shenzhen

Children: 5 year old boy

Pets: no

Religious affiliations:no

languageuages Spoken: Chinese, English


can speak German,French,Spanish,like cooking,musical instruments,sports,painting,be patient,kind-hearted,diligent and positive.

Dear Au Pair,

Dear Au pair: 




I am the mother of Zhang Borui. I would love to introduce something about our family.


We are a family of five people, grandparents, parents and our kid. We have a stay-at-home nanny, taking care of three meals a day and cleaning for us.


The host father is Zhang Hongru, an architecture engineer. He holds a Canadian nationality and in charge of architecture deign company. He is sincere to other, has a sense of humor and busy with his work. The host mother is Niu Yijun, a division supervisor of an airline company. I am not very strict and take more care of the kid. Grandparents have been retired. They are kind-hearted people. Our kid Zhang Borui is born in Hong Kong and 5 years old now. He is very outgoing, extrovert and full of curiosity. He is into singing and dancing.


We are living in Shenzhen, close to Bao’an Stadium. It’s only been half a year since we came here, so we are still getting familiar with it. We know more about the city Guangzhou, because we have been living there for over 20 years. During weekends, we can go visit Guangzhou, experiencing lifestyle there, drinking tea and tasting food of Guangdong style.


In weekdays, parents work from 8:30 to 17:50 and take 3 meals at home. During weekends, we will go climbing a mountain or go to the park.


We expect our future au pair to be kind-hearted, outgoing, diligent and sporty who is well organized and planned when making things done. Your main duties will be accompany our kid, teach him English, take him out for sports and play games with him. We, as a family, will try our best to help au pair achieve what he/she wants to do in China, such as learning Chinese.


Thank you! Looking forward to your arrival!



Mrs. Niu