Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      



During your free time, you could explore your city, not only on your own, but counting on LoPair’s organizing extra mile of exploration for you:

Interaction with Chinese au pairs

LoPair also has a large group of Chinese au pair applicants/returnees in the country that we would like to introduce you to. We hope you can make friends with each other and explore the city

Local coordinator hangouts

Local coordinator organizes short-distance excursions and trips, sometimes for au pairs in that city.

Host family activities

Each year there will be some host family club events taking place in each placement city. You will be welcome to participate, to meet with, not only fellow au pairs, but also with other families and kids on this program.                        

Inter-city au pair meetings

With LoPair Au Pair China, you are entitled to 6 vacation days per 6 months that comes extra to your off days and weekends. That means you could possibly enjoy the cities that you’ve been interested in, but had no time to explore before!  If you are going to another city, be sure to let us know, we might be able to connect you with local au pairs from other cities so that they can become your guide.

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