Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      


Spoken by 20% of the world population, you will be likely to hear Chinese all over the world. Following the rapid growth of China, Chinese language plays a more and more important role in world communication. The beautiful language also becomes a competency skill for expat-gold diggers who want to enter the largest market in the world.  Au Pairs receive at least 60 mandarin classes per 3 months (45 minutes per class), 1 Chinese Cultural Course and 1 Au Pair Activity per month.

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    Our Mandarin courses aim at helping Au Pairs plunging into their life in China right from the start.We want them to be able to communicate with their families and newly found friends as quickly as possible.That is why LoPair Education, together with our Head Chinese Teacher and Education Advisor Wendy Wang,Designed a course that is useful, practical and personalized at the same time

  • For those Au Pairs who haven’t had much experience in learning Chinese, we start from the very beginning, such as pronunciation rules and the use of pinyin (the official transcription system of characters into the roman alphabet). We use Experiencing Chinese Series Which is the Officia Chinese teaching material published by Hanban (Confucius Institution Headquarters).  This is a very interactive course, with lots of exercises that focus on abilities such as speaking and listening. We put emphasis on developing such abilities because we want to ease our Au Pairs' transition into their new homes and lives in China. And our Au Pairsgenerally agree themselves that this is the right approach.

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    For those who are interested in measuring their Chinese skills or preparing for future academic studies,  our education advisor will guide you on how to register for the HSK test in China.

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