Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      


Of the fourancient civilizations in the world, only the Chinese civilization hasnever encountered cultural discontinued. The long-term continuationof Chinese civilization has benefited from the three great openness andintegration processes in history The whole China and even the wholeworld have shared the Chinese civilization, which resulted from thethree great openness and integration processes in Chinese history Wefind a Chinese culture with a more modern charm is taking shape.

On top of the 6-hour a week Mandarin Classes, we offer a once a month opportunity to take part in our Culture Classes, which focus on various aspects of Chinese traditional culture that arouse the most interest in our Au Pairs. An initial survey is designed to collect the Au Pairs' opinion about which classes they would like to participate in, and then we do the best we can to make it happen. Topics such as Taiji, Traditional Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Music are all part of our course. LoPair Education Advisor coordinates among all Local Coordinators and Mandarin Teachers cross country, in order to ensure that Au Pairs get the best out of their educational experience and leave China with a deeper knowledge of its customs and traditions!

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