Ages 18-29 years Become Au Pair in China      


Under the motto“Learn through living together”, here at LoPair we believe that one of the strengths of our Au Pair China Program lies on the importance we place on the educational component. This is why we offer numerous opportunities for learning, such as our Arrival Orientation Training Camp, Mandarin classes, culture courses and networking activities for au pairs. We are doing our best to make your trip to China as much learning-oriented as possible.

On a historic note, the au pair program emerged for those who are inspired by cultural exchange, motivated to explore a foreign country and learn about different customs, traditions and people. An Au Pair program is a culturally immersive program. Through such a program, you can integrate yourself into a new language and culture by living with local people, and the lessons you’ll learn won’t just be limited to the linguistic aspect. You will get to understand the way of living of your hosts, observe ordinary family life in China through going to the local market, perhaps interacting with shopkeepers; all while deepening your overall experience.

AOTC & Webinar We share with you everything we know about being an Au Pair in China. More
Study Chinese We provide you professional and great Chinese classes! More
Join Culture Courses We take you to explore amazing Chinese culture! More
Post Program Options After the program you'll have chance to study or even work in China. More