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Each quarter, LoPair gives praises to our international Au Pairs who have undertaken an outstanding performance with their Host Families and LoPair's educational courses, activities by issuing a Quarterly Bonus. In addition, LoPair bestows the title of "Au Pair of the Quarter" upon one outstanding au pair each quarter to recognize the best of the best.

  • Andrea,Czech Republic

    Au Pair of The 3th&4th; Quarter 2019

    Andrea is very patient with children, has a strong sense of responsibility, and sometimes, I'm a little ashamed of that.When she plays with the children, she is more like a sister.I don't have the energy or time to play with my children. They can only play with toys or watch cartoons by themselves.But after Andrea came.As she is highly motivated, the children are also motivated by her and become healthier and more active.There is one thing, not really touched, but I really quite happy, quite unexpected.Because I like to collect starbucks cups.Andrea mentioned this in a conversation with her boyfriend in the United States.So when her boyfriend and his family go to other states for business or travel, they will buy cups from different states for me and send them to me.This is really let me feel very heart very warm thing
    Andrea,Czech Republic
  • Pia,Germany

    Au Pair of The 2nd Quarter 2019

    Hello, everyone, I am Pia, very happy to be the winner of this reciprocal star!

    Because my host family was very warm from the very beginning, I always felt at home, and soon I was integrated into the family.As an au pair, you can experience many different things in your family life, such as new foods, values, languages and other things.

    I am very grateful to my host family, who always create unforgettable memories for me, such as eating sea cucumber, visiting unique places in Beijing, playing water at friends' birthday parties, cooking together, playing board games and video games.

    Since the word "au pair" is not really used in China, my family only calls me "sis" and "wayan".So what I feel now is that I am not just a guest spending time with my child and teaching him English, but more like his big sister, as part of the family.

    My parents also gave me a lot of free time to experience Chinese culture. They were wonderful. I met many different people and things.Thank my Chinese family, I love you, I will cherish the following time together!

  • Tim,Germany

    Au Pair of The 1st Quarter 2019

    May I allow myself to ask you a question?

    If you hear the word “bodacious” what firstcomes to your mind?

    Never even heart the word before? Don’tworry, let me give you some hints:

    When you are in Beijing, China you willdefinitely experience a lot.

    As an AuPair I live with my great hostfamily together since October and I am here half a teacher, half a brother.

    As a teacher I teach them a lot of thingssuch as English, German, Piano etc.

    As a brother I join them on vacation, wetalk about all the world and his wife or we are monkeying and joking aroundjust as siblings normally do.

    After the first seven months I could see alot and experience a lot, such as their culture, their habits and theirlanguage.

    If you now think about the word “bodacious”again, what is now coming to your mind?

    At least with me I think about my gap yearhere in China.

    Having taken the chance for experiencingone of the most interesting and fascinating countries while living togetherwith such nice and lovely parents and their two adorable children is somethingI will be proud of for the rest of my life. 

  • Lynn,Germany

    Au Pair of The 4th Quarter 2018

    My Hostchild Echo is 3 years old and overall a really happy boy. He loves everything related to Police or Dinosaurs so our playtime often consits of running around playing Policeman (aka Echo) catching a bad man (aka me) or playing Dinosaur cards. He loves to learn and in the two months I spend here I can already see a huge impovement in his english! That obviously makes me super happy!

    Even though he used to be really shy in the beginning he got used to me really quickly and happily shouts my name now everytime he sees me.

    I'm really happy that I could become his friend and a person he can rely on that much!


    My Hostmom Lu is one of the funniest and hard working people I know. We have the same humor and get along really really well. Since we have pretty similar personalities we can relate to each other alot and laugh alot together.

    She likes to take me along with her so that I can, for example, get to know her work collegues and show me her work. We even did a pottery class together! Or when she found out that I love drawing she even searched for drawing classes for me!

    She is one of the nicest and most caring people I know and I really consider her my close friend. I think I can learn a lot from her. Also I love spending time with her and my police boy Echo! Playtime in the evening is usually my favorite time of the day!


    Grandma and Grandpa are really nice, friendly and easy-going people as well!

    Grandpa is a cook so he really likes to make sure that I like all the food he make and he always tries out new things for me so that I don't get bored! Grandma always makes sure that I eat enough fruit so that I don't get sick or that I turn the lights on when it's too dark so that my eyesight won't go bad.

    They are really caring people as well and I'm really thankful to have them here!


    I never would have thought that I would feel as comfortable and safe with my hostfamily as I do. It feels like I'm actually a part of this family. There has never been a moment where I thought that I don't belong here and I already know leaving them will be one of the hardest things ever. I am so grateful for them and everything they have done for me. I hope we can have another few great month and continue on making great and fun memories together!


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