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Au Pair life in China under the impact of COVID19 and epidemic Q&A !

You may curious what is the Au Pair life looks like in China under the impact of the COVID19. Are the people in China all wearing mask? Are we allow to go out? What can we do for fun during these time? You may have a lot questions about the life in China, specially under the impact of COVID19. Here is a real life record of our Au Pair in China:




Friderich, Lorena,both join the Au Pair China program and arrival China not long ago. Friderich was arrived during the breakout period, and Lorena was arrived earlier, both of them are worried, and suffer a great impact of it. However, since less cases was confirmed in March, they starts to accept the fact that things are not as worse as they thought. After they arrived and start the life in China, our local coordinator spend time with them, show them the city and experience a normal daily life. 

Q: Are we still wearing mask?

A: Yes, even the epidemic getting better, in case the infection spread out again, everyone wears a mask voluntarily. 

Q: Are we allow to go out?

A: Yes, with certain ID or pass card. China already set up a tracking system, everyone who enter China will need to fill out a health form to get a QR code, which could show your immediate health status. With these protection check, you are free to go out and travel in the city. 

Q:What can we do for fun?

A: Our au pair are free to go out visit park, travelling in the city, have nice meal in the restaurant and have a bike tour. What ever you want, just make sure you have your valid ID and pass card. 

So, the Au Pair life is pretty normal life under the epidemic, there are still a lot to do. We both keeping our faith that everything will be fine in the near future. And we welcome youth could join the program and experience life in China, learn culture, exchange culture, leave us your great memory.